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Instagram Live Winemaker Tastings

Every Sunday at 8pm for the next couple of weeks, I will be speaking to some of our top winemakers about their wines, what inspired them, their methods and techniques and most importantly tasting through the wines itself. It was a pleasure to start off with the brilliant Jose Maria Fraile from Bodega Tandem in Nevarra, tasting through his three flagship wines and catching up over the last six years.

This Easter Sunday, I'll be joined by Roberto Echeverria (Chile) @echeverriawines, followed by Louise Chereau (Muscadet, France) @louisechereau on the 19th, and then Estelle Roumage (Bordeaux, France) @chateaulestrille on 26th April. Make sure you follow @vinoramica on instagram and tap on the stories bar, comment and share!

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