The Alternative Long Lunch - REST OF THE WORLD (also known as the Rest of the Wo

The Alternative Long Lunch - REST OF THE WORLD (also known as the Rest of the Wo


Furleigh Estate Classic Cuvee—Dorset, UK

Litoral Sauvignon Blanc—Leyda Valley, Chile

Staete Landt Chardonnay—Marborough, New Zealand

Nipozzano Chianti Rufina—Tuscany, Italy

Cinquanta San Marzano—Puglia, Italy

Barros Late Bottled Vintage—Porto, Italy


The Christmas case was becoming the "Francophile's Case", so I decided to slightly redress the balance with a "Rest of the World Case" that offers a different take on the French classics. Starting with Dorset Sparkling Wine, produced in the Champagne Method, but with its own distinctive, honeyed, rich style. If you fancy trying something a little different, the Litoral bridges the gap between Old World and New - a clean, almost salty, uber-mouth-watering Sauvignon Blanc from the Pacific Coast of Chile. The Steate Landt Chardonnay is a rich, barrel-aged example of the grape, which is perfect for matching up with the wild array of flavours on the table. For the reds we have an Italian-off, starting with Frescobaldi's Vecchie Viti (Old Vine) Chianti Rufina which is a benchmark example of traditional Chianti, structured and made for food. The Cinquanta from San Marzano is something completely different, a Primitivo x Negroamaro blend that is dense, rich, chocolately, with dried fruits and leaves a lasting impression. Finally, it's Barros' LBV Port, a versatile style to match with the cheese or a selection of chocolate-based desserts.


£120 Including delivery (6 bottles)